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vwd group for all your financial content & services!

vwd group (formerly Tijd Beursmedia / TBM) has been supplying the market as a financial data vendor for more than ten years. As Tijd Beursmedia the company started out as a supplier for Uitgeversbedrijf Tijd and gradually grew to become an independent partner for private investors and professional institutions. To improve its service for both these market segments, the company split into a Business-to-Business and a Business-to-Consumer department in mid 2005. As of January 2008 Tijd Beursmedia / TBM was taken over by vwd group, and as of January 2009 the activities are continued under the name vwd group.

Information is sent to the end users via the most common channels. The traditional channels of communication are available but  vwd group also uses the newest techniques for data dissemination.